Home Improvements

One of the wonderful things about being a home owner is home improvements.
The following pages are from one of my home improvements that I had to take the responsibility of getting taken care of. This is one of the home improvement I think all home owners dread. The failing leach bed!!

This kind of job is something that I would never try to do myself.

So....I called in the experts! Summit Excavating.

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Work begins
A new 1K gal was added next to the old.
The old bed getting dug out
DCP00281.JPG DCP00282.JPG
Some of the new pipe that will go to the distribution box
This is what is called the distribution box. This goes in the bottom of the leach bed
Part of the old bed. One can see the old bed was shot.
A couple of the guys from Summit Excavating spreading out the 1st layer of gravel
This pipe sits at the bottom of bed, and goes out to a chlorinator
This is the cap to the new 1k tank.
DCP00289.JPG DCP00290.JPG
Time for some finer sand as the 2nd layer.


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