Hidden Hollow 2000
Star Party

Hidden Hollow is the home of the Warren Rupp Observatory which holds a 31" Reflector. The Observatory is located just southeast of Mansfield Ohio under some of the darkest skies I have seen in this state :-)

This event is held every other year, an was my 1st time to have the pleasure of attending. This was one of the best start parties that I have been to so far this year. Upon arriving an getting signed in Friday early evening I met a old coworker Randy that I had the pleasure viewing with. He had a 17.5" Truss Dob that he had build (Funny I never was able to get any pictures of it during the day).

I brought to the star party my Meade 4.5" Newtonian. Between Randy, a guy with a 8" F4, and myself we had hit a lot of deep-sky objects like globular and open star clusters, and nebulae, galaxies, variable and double stars. I had also a chance to view Venus, Jupiter an Saturn.


Below an in the following pages are some of the digital pictures I had taken while at Hidden Hollow.

59.21 Kb
This is a view from the south end of the observation area

79.33 Kb
This is the Observatory that houses the 31" reflector at Hidden Hollow
102.12 Kb
Here is one of the ACA club members Greg Crenshaw showing the Sun in action through a H-Alpha filter
101.38 Kb
Here is another old coworker Wayne that stumbled in Saturday morning. Here he is checking out a C-14
122.38 Kb
Here is one of the large refractors that were at the party
91.66 Kb
Here is one the guest speakers Stephen O'Meara signing some of the books that he wrote
87.55 Kb
Here is another famous guest speaker David Levy talking about the Sun
90.04 Kb
Here was a awesome 8" F4 Newtonian.
82.60 Kb
A quick picture of me next to the little guy, before the proud papa in the background catches me. :-)
102.49 Kb
The owner of this scope is a very nice gentle that I had met while at Hidden Hollow 2000


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