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Black Forest 2001
Star Party

This is my 2nd year at Black Forest. This year I had a chance to use my new 12.5" Discovery-Telescope PDHQ. This year we had clear skies the 2 nights that I had stayed. At night the temperature dropped in the low 40°F. Time to upgrade the sleeping bag.

Black Forest star party is held at Cherry Springs State Park. Cherry Springs State Park is located in North Central Pennsylvania 10 miles south east of a little town called Coudersport.

About 40 minutes through the back roads to my destination.

Some of the big guns in the neighborhood.

This is my home for the weekend.

Awesome views through this 25" Obsession.

This was a unique looking dob.

Nice craftsmanship on this baby.

Here is 2 ultra light dobs. One is a 17.5" an the other is a 13"

Notice the hack saw blades for the spider.

During the walkabout the owner shows how the mirror is removed for cleaning.
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