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I have always liked looking up at the night sky ever since I was a child, but never new anything about it. I never had anyone around me that new anything either so I never pursuded it. Unfortunately it was not until I was in my thirties that I started asking myself questions about whats up there.


I think it may of been the Seti@Home screen saver project that actually sparked my interest. One of my business associates told me about the project when it was in its BETA stages. I thought this was a very cool way of taking advantage of computer power so I signed up as a member. Click the following link to check out my Seti Stats and Seti Team information.


After I started processing these work units from the Seti organization I started to wonder what area of the skys I was processing. This was the spark to the gasoline that got my fire burning.
Being a Internet service provider and software developer I turned my focus on searching for information on astronomy, and purching a telescope. After several months of checking out many, many web sites that dealt with getting into astronomy, I decided to get a Reflector (Newtonian) style. It was actually my wife that got it for me as a eairly Christmass gift. The scope that was purchased was a Meade 4.5" F8 on a equatorial mount, with a RA drive.



Not knowing anything about astronomy I picked up a Astronomy field guide and star wheel to help me out learning the constalations, and what was where in the sky. This along with a couple of computer star programs, and the wealth of information on the internet I started to learn the sky.


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October 17, 2009